Baba and Boo Hemp Blend Inserts
Baba and Boo Hemp Blend Inserts

Baba and Boo Hemp Blend Inserts

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Hemp Inserts

These hemp inserts are super absorbent and are perfect for night time use for heavy wetters. Simply lie one under your usual bamboo insert for a peaceful nights sleep.


  • Made from 4 layers with the following composition:

    Outer layers: Cotton 55% Hemp 36% Viscose 4.5% Linen 4.5%

    Inner layers: Cotton 59% Viscose 41%

    Please note that the labels on these inserts may be incorrect.  The above is the correct composition.

  • Wash up to 60 degrees
  • Tumble dry on low if necessary but please line dry when you can.
  • We know that some people choose not to pre-wash your nappies and inserts however hemp really does need a few pre-washes to create extra absorbency.
  • It's normal for hemp to shrink slightly after the first wash. Please don't worry, they have been sized to cope with a little shrinkage! Give your inserts a good tug when they comes out of the wash to reshape them whilst they are damp. This will resize them nicely and help them to lie nice and flat inside the pocket.
  • Please don't use fabric softener on your nappies or inserts as it makes them less absorbent.

Another reason to love hemp is for it's eco-credentials. It is a fast growing, sustainable crop and versatile for so many uses.

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