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About Us

Welcome to The Nappy Camper! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Let me introduce myself. My name is Amy and the face behind The Nappy Camper. I have an amazing one in a million husband called Sam and together we have two sons, Eli and Louis.

Cloth Nappy Love

My love for cloth nappies all began with our second son Louis. I thought about using them on Eli but the overwhelm of being a first time mum hit me like a tonne of bricks and I didn't know where to begin. I also thought that because I didn't use them from birth that I couldn't use them at all. Oh how wrong I was.

When I became pregnant with Louis I was determined to at least give it a go. So I researched. And researched and researched, There was a lot of information online, often confusing and conflicting and I struggled with trying to decipher it all. However, I became a little obsessed with gathering all the information I needed and eventually took the plunge and bought some. 

People's Reactions

I would go to work at my part time retail job every weekend, slowly getting bigger and heavier and continuing to make polite small talk after small talk with my colleageus and customers. When I would tell people I was going to use cloth nappies there was a mixture of reactions. Some were pleasant and supportive (thanks friends). Others would pull faces and tell me I was mad. One lady even told me I would change my mind once my house started smelling like poop. (it doesn't and never did). Most surprisingly for me were the people that didn't know that modern cloth nappies even existed. The mere word cloth nappies conjured up images of their mothers or grandmothers boiling and hand-washing white terry squares and not the adorable and easy to use designs of today.

So Louis was born and I was hooked. And I mean hooked! I wouldn't let my husband change his nappy, I loved them so much. I loved how cute he looked in them, I loved that we were saving money, that we weren't putting chemicals near his skin, that we didn't have to worry about running out but most importantly I loved the feeling that we were not adding extra waste to landfill.

Flashbacks to peoples negative or ignorant reactions got me thinking that I needed to tell people how easy using cloth nappies was. I felt if more people knew how much cloth has changed over the past 30 years then there could be a lot less disposables heading for landfill. 

Where It Began

In November I started a Facebook page called Amy's Nappy Knowledge (awful name credited to my husband) which I used as a platform to post little tips and reviews of the nappies I was using at the time. I offered to meet people to teach them about all things cloth. It was one enthusiastic mum I visited in Clonmel, Co Tipperary that suggested I should turn my passion into a business. The seed was in my mind previous to this but she watered it and I watched it shoot up from the ground. On the journey home to Cork, I had given my business a name "The Nappy Camper." I can still remember the feeling when the words left my mouth. I knew this was something I was meant to do.

In January, my maternity leave ended and it was time for me to return to work in my weekend job of 10 years in a not so environmentally friendly shop. I struggled for two reasons. The first being that Louis was 6 months and exclusively breastfed to sleep and couldn't settle without me no matter what we tried. The other was because of my eco-anxiety. Every time I walked through the door and saw everything I thought was wrong with the world. I made the decision to take a career break and to set up The Nappy Camper.


March 2019, I registered my business. May 2019 I completed a brief 'Start Your Own Business Course'. July 2019, I officially started trading as The Nappy Camper. I did my first market at The Fair Alternative in Cork city and loved every minute. You can catch me at various markets around Munster and soon further up the country. (when the entire country is isn't on lockdown).

I love what I do. I love teaching mums and dads how to use cloth nappies because I know the importance of having all the knowledge from the beginning. I also know the value of time and I love helping them save time by sharing everything I know all in one go. 

Here at The Nappy Camper, we have also put together some Starter Packs to help you on your cloth nappy journey. I appreciate your support and your feedback is important to me so please, if you think there is something we can improve on here just get in touch at info@thenappycamper.ie

You are helping to save the planet! Remember using just one cloth nappy a day for one baby saves over 1000 disposables from landfill. Every small change has a huge impact for our wonderful world.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Amy x